PADEREWSKI: Pianist and Patriot (Rendered in English by Jessie McEwen) by  Antonl

PADEREWSKI: Pianist and Patriot (Rendered in English by Jessie McEwen)

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Intimate details form the mosaic that pictures the life of a gifted musician and a fine, generous man, written by a fellow Pole, with but slight betrayal of foreign inflections. This biography has a warm personal quality, a pleasant nostalgia for the land that is, or was Poland. We follow the young genius from early childhood through years of learning and struggle to achievement and fame in many lands. We share with him sunny hours of personal happiness, bitter sorrow when he loses those near and dear to him, and his emotions about Poland's struggle for freedom. There is much of music but not too much -- and we meat the beau monde the world 'round with a generous sprinkling of well known names and characters. The book will appeal to the music-loving young reader primarily, but the story is told with a nice balance for general interest, despite the perfect hero on every page. Its format is not attractive. Drawings and photographic reproductions are few and undistinguished. At $2.50 it is an expensive book, since it looks school-bookish. Recommended for libraries.

Publisher: Nelson