THE TIDY HEN by Antony Groves-Raines


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Each morning the hens came running for their drinks of water in order of seniority with Madame Bossy in the lead and poor little Olga at the end, and then only after she had thoroughly tidied up the henhouse. One day ace housekeeper Olga overhears Cook scolding a messy Miss Julla and she decides to clean up the little girl's room. Children will giggle with glee as the hen washes doll clothes, puts away shoes and unintentionally lays an egg in the bed. The sight of a hen in an apron frightens her companions and from that time on, Olga is given free reign of the water trough. A loose unexciting conclusion is a let-down after an exuberant, humorous build-up.

Pub Date: March 8th, 1961
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace