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The author of Bannister's Chart, Running Wild, and Sea Fever turns in an unusual WW II naval duel between a Japanese submarine and a British destroyer, both commanded by fanatically dedicated captains. In a nighttime engagement off the coast of East Africa, a lucky shot from a sinking American merchant ship renders her assailant, a Japanese submarine, unable to dive. Intent on reaching and attacking a British carrier convoy--and afraid that one of the American crew might have seen the wound to the boat--Tojo Yashimoto, the sub's captain, orders the slaying of all American survivors. Gunner Brad Corrigan evades the Japanese and is picked up by H.M.S. Restless, a British destroyer whose captain is mourning the death of his wife in Singapore. Corrigan tells of the outrage and of his belief that the sub has been crippled. Even though Restless is headed for home and low on fuel, Captain Barratt decides to find and sink the sub. Yashimoto, in the meantime, has conned the submarine to an offshore island and hidden the boat in a creek under heavy camouflage while repairs are underway. Disobeying orders to disengage, Barratt carefully searches the string of Portuguese-owned islands one by one, until he gets lucky and picks up a native who knows where the sub may be. The situation calls for a highly unusual and dangerous plan of attack, but Barratt, driven by hatred of the Japanese, will not back off. Fast-moving, no-nonsense naval adventure.

Pub Date: Jan. 4th, 1987
Publisher: St. Martin's