SEA FEVER by Antony Trew


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Battle of the sexes and an 8000-mile, transatlantic sailing race--as contestant Martin Savage finds a beautiful stowaway aboard his ketch during the big-money ""Tristar"" race (Plymouth to the West Indies to Newfoundland and back). Savage, who has sacrificed all for this event, is furious (he risks disqualification): he hides stowaway Sarah, sometimes binding and gagging her, treating her roughly. But slowly they become more friendly; sex and love explode. Still, Savage remains a bloody boor about binding her whenever she might be spotted; even after she saves his life, he continues his obsessive, pointless behavior. And so it goes--fighting, making up, saving each other's lives--in a pretentious, unconvincing, and familiar sado-masochistic duel. Sailing buffs, however, may put up with the dreary psycho-drama for the sake of the race action, which Trew (Death of a Supertanker, etc.) handles efficiently.

Pub Date: March 27th, 1981
Publisher: St. Martin's