REVOLT ON THE NILE by Anwar El Sadat


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Anwar El Sadat, who played a leading role in the Egyptian Revolution of 1952 and planned it for many years before it was effected, provides a history of this coup d'etat, and President Nasser contributes an introduction which is not only a sort of imprimatur but also an indication of the political tenor of the book. Sada opens his account in 1938 when ""two Bastilles"" had to be stormed, feudalism -- as Egypt was ""stagnating under autocracy"" -- and British imperialism. It continues with the many years of stratagems and setbacks; his collaboration with the Axis, and his arrest by British Intelligence; the rigidly restrictive regime during the post-war years under Farouk; the formation of the Arab League, and the Palestine war- still another incentive to achieve freedom; and finally the revolt in which Neguib was perhaps the most surprised figure of all as a legend was suddenly created and he was used to fill the vacancy.... A man of action, rather than words- or thought, Sadat's sympathies are never in question- though there will be few to share them in this country.

Pub Date: July 25th, 1957
Publisher: John Day