WHY WATERLOO? by A.P. Herbert


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A meticulous dusting off of the past- Napoleon's exile in Elba- by a Briton whose examination of ""miles of history"" brings forth a condemnation of previous historians and interpretations. Here is not the monster, nor the outlaw, but a man, grievously used by his fellow monarchs, betrayed not only in the terms of the peace but in the matter of his wife and child; and as King of his little kingdom was spied on and distrusted by Colonel Campbell, the only Englishman on the island, whose frantic reports ""drove"" Napoleon off the island to his final defeat. There are some vivid portraits here- faithful Marie Walewski, weak, untrustworthy Marie Louise, his loyal sister, Pauline, sick but dogged Col. Campbell, and Napoleon himself, with a mind never at rest and a belief that he would be treated with proper dignity in his exile. And the final break, when St. Helena was threatened, aboard ship and back across France, which led to his complete downfall. A must book for all Napoleonic followers for its arguments against currently accepted diaries, records, etc., and a very human picture of a legendary figure.

Pub Date: Jan. 8th, 1952
Publisher: Doubleday