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The author, formerly a big league player and coach, has garnered over the years a collection of batting recipes- from his own experience and from that of the baseball greats, who are here in the form of liberal quotations. They speak of such problems as stance, grip, swing, bat weight and how to ride out a slump. Mr. Walker (who should know) contends that it is the ""...thin handled bat, which allows the player to whip... the hitting portion around at great speed that is the reason for the increase in the number of homeruns in the last decade"", and not the much talked of ""hopped up"" ball. Mr. Walker is an opinionated man on the subject of baseball and his collaborator has served him well, for the book as well organized and clear. The final chapter is devoted to some odds and ends that tie up a solid book-- some words of advice to the ""bonus boy"", Mr. Walker's view of the value of the pick up game over the highly commercialized Little League approach and some formulas for the making of practice bats. While this was not intended as an inspirational book in any sense, the message comes through that if you're going to do something, do it as well as possible. Suitable for adult collections.

Publisher: McGraw-Hill