RIVER OF ROGUES by A.R. Beverley-Giddings


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Returning to the Tidewater, Maryland, of previous novels, but turning back to an earlier period, this is a fairly dressy drama of the 1820's, of chivalric David Innes and his not so courtly love for Jeanne Gervaise. The poor son of a Scotsman, David comes into money and position as Lord of the Manor at the death of his uncle, overlooks the Quaker gentility and suitability of Prudence for the arrogant attractions of Jeanne. Marrying Jeanne, it is only after their marriage that he realizes her involvement in a powerful slaver-kidnapper band, and although he forbids her further participation in this terrible traffic, Jeanne deserts him rather than forego her position of power and profit. Undeterred by her lures, David leads an attack against the Folly-their headquarters- is shot down by his wife when she faces capture, and only after her death is he freed from her fascination for the serenity of the love which Prudence offers... With all the appointments of romantic drama, this should satisfy popular tastes in this genre.

Pub Date: April 12th, 1948
Publisher: Morrow