SOUNDINGS: Essays Concerning Christian Understanding by A.R.- Ed. Vidler

SOUNDINGS: Essays Concerning Christian Understanding

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A group of able Anglican scholars is here concerned with questions and directions with which they feel Christian Theology should be concerned in a scientific age. Their purpose is to arouse thought and discussion rather than to supply definitive answers. The Rev. A. R. Vidler, Fellow and Dean of King's College, Cambridge, speaking for himself and his collaborators, says, ""We are all sure that there is a way ahead, else we should not have taken up our pens. We have been less disconcerted by our differences than surprised by our concurrencies"". The wide range of this thinking is indicated by the titles of some of their essays: ""The Uneasy Truce between Science and Theology"", J. S. Habgood; ""Theology and Self-Awareness"", H. G. Williams; ""Towards a Christology for Today"", H. W. Montefiore; ""The Grounds of Christian Moral Judgment"", G. F. Woods; ""Religion and the National Church"", A. R. Vidler; and others. The mature student will find these papers decidedly provocative and stimulating; a real contribution toward the development of Christian Theology today.

Publisher: Cambridge Univ. Press