A PATTERN FOR LIFE by Archibald M. Hunter


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The scop of this book is set forth in the sub-title: ""An exposition of the Sermon on the Mount, its Making, its Exegesis and its Meaning"". This American edition of the work of a British theologian originally published in Great Britain is a selection of the Religious Book Club. And deservedly so. For packed within the covers of this slender volume is a distillation of much of the vast scholarly research that has been directed to the Sermon on the Mount. The author devotes the first part of the book to the making, manner and matter of the Sermon; the second part to an exegesis of the text, verse by verse; the third part to the meaning of the Sermon. Hunter outlines in brief the varying interpretations that have been given to the Sermon by Tolstoi, Schweizer, Barth and others, and is pains to point out the relation of the Sermon to the Gospel. That the whole of Christianity is to be found in the Germon on the Mount is the great modern heresy, he maintains. The Gospel is the Good News based on the cross and the Resurrection- which opens up the Kingdom to believers. The Sermon on the Mount is ""design for life in the Kingdom of God"". For Protestant ministers and other leaders the book provides many suggestion for and more hints of new religious insights.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1953
Publisher: Westminster Press