THE IRRESPONSIBLES by Archibald MacLeish


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Too few people heard this speech of the new Librarian of Congress, poet and dramatist. It is good news that it is to be available in book form, for it is a challenge that should be met, an indictment of our age as represented by our scholar-writers. ""The scholar is a refugee from consequences, an exile from the responsibilities of moral choice."" And now, says MacLeish, is the time when our writers have one last chance to stand for truth and intellectual freedom. Already his position has caused controversy, it has caused some bitterness, but it is being talked about, discussed, refuted -- though not conclusively. It is a challenge that was needed. This is one of those ""plus sale items"" which every bookseller can make his own opportunity to spread the message in picking special customers who will be interested.

Publisher: Duell, Sloan & Pearce