A FREE MAN'S BOOKS by Archibald MacLeish


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Must for all booksellers -- and I'd expand that to all librarians, too, if I could be sure they could put their hands on a copy. For here -- in limited edition, printed for the book trade, is what should be The Booksellers' Credo, to be read, reread and taken to heart. Mr. MacLeish gave this address at the convention banquet of the American Booksellers' Association. In brief compass, he has crystallized the challenge of today to all who have anything to do with putting books into readers' hands. He has shown us that here is our chance to reestablish our right to be leaders of thought; our right to the freedom of the printed word which Hitler thought so dangerous that he made a bonfire of books. Hats off to the Peter Pauper Press which has made this memorable essay available in permanent form. Copies were distributed to ABA members. It is not for sale.

Publisher: Peter Pauper Press