BUSBY & CO. by


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Captivating humor and adventure that will guarantee a strong desire to go out and find a beaver as soon as possible. On a camping trip in the Sierras with his family, Jerry finds Busby in a trap, frees him, and together they form a profitable woodcarrying and fire-building partnership. But in the process of going back to the city, Busby becomes a blunderer and a bother and has to be considered as possible zoo material- a situation which is saved by Jerry's Uncle Lipp who suggests that Busby come and work on his nearby country place. Though full of amusingly expressed animal lore, this is lacking in the character development portrayed in a story like Barbara Raynolds' pepper (p. 155), but Roger Duvoisin's well known drawing style does lend additional charm to an already nice account of a boy and a beaver.

Pub Date: April 6th, 1952
Publisher: Whittlesey House