THE WAITING WORLD: Or What Happens At Death by Archie Matson

THE WAITING WORLD: Or What Happens At Death

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Ostensibly based on the Christian teachings of Jesus and Paul with a final chapter returning to the Good Book, this is actually a medley of materials drawn from Guideposts (tsk, tsk), The Society for Psychical Research, Ruth Montgomery (tsk, tsk, tsk), Arthur Ford, Jung and a great many others including clergymen and doctors and strangers who took the author into their confidence. Much obviously will be familiar. There are last minute emanations, Lazaruses arisen or returned from the afterlife and deathbed experiences which attest to that final elation with further happiness to come up there. Plus ghosts, mediums, and one chapter which makes the claim of scientific validation (e.g., the philodendron attached to a polygraph which did not want one of its leaves burned). For that audience which needs constant reassurance ever since Cayce came over the Pike.

Pub Date: Nov. 12th, 1975
Publisher: Harper & Row