THAT OLD-TIME RELIGION by Archie Robertson


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Personally grounded in his own Baptist boyhood, and with an affection for ""that old-time religion""- traditional Protestant Christianity and the combination of faith and freedom it represents,- this is a portrayal of the many variations and extremes in which it has found expression. This is a view of Protestantism, ""crossing the lines of churches, underlying the seekings of intellectuals and the subtleties of theologians"". From the larger historical pattern of the origins of certain branches, to revivalism which overstayed its time and offended many, the crusades and the reforms which were involved, this narrows down to a spotlighting of certain groups:- the Fundamentalists; the snake handlers; the Pentecostal groups; the Button Baptists; the Pennsylvania Dutch; the Negroes from their great preacher John Jasper to today's Father Divine; Lower California's ""marshmallow Christianity""; evangelism; etc. etc. and ends with a contemporary close-up of certain sects and churches here and there. A lively, indigenous account of the faith to which three fifths of the nation adheres, brightened by humor, broadened by tolerance.

Pub Date: Feb. 21st, 1949
Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin