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SPOOLCRAFT by Arden Newsome



Pub Date: May 11th, 1970
Publisher: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard

Consider the spool--fitted with a bead head and variously painted it can make a townful of little people; properly equipped, it can hold a Hot Rod Race on a cord; in a stack with a plastic tube tummy, it can become a Santa Candy Jar; or it can be fashioned into a knitting spool or a stamper. There's nothing ordinary about the spool as Mrs. Newsome handles it--and nothing casual about the General Instructions that precede the projects: down to the list of mail-order suppliers at the close, this is as meticulous and thorough as it is ingenious. The illustrations picture the process as needed, the product always, and attractively. Besides the Spool People (tied to a parachute, one's a Sky Diver), there are directions for Dolls and Doll Furniture, Toys and Games, Indian Novelties, Gifts, Gadgets and Decorations (the last is a beguiling Nativity); along with the knitting spool is how to use it and what to make with it. An emporium of ideas for group projects and a stimulus to reconsidering the spool at home.