PIGS IN HIDING by Arlene Dubanevich


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Inventive fun from a new author-artist. Says a bow-tied pig to his otherwise identical piggie friends: ""I will count to 100. You guys all go hide, OK?"" And so, grinning, the many, many pigs scatter--under the rug, sofa, table, bed, behind the lamp, the curtains, the bushes, inside the cupboards or the car at the curb. . . where, however, the bow-tied, ""it"" pig obtusely (and hilariously, doesn't spot them. ""What if""--he worries--""they all went home instead of hiding?"" So--as we see the other pigs inquisitively emerge from their hiding places--the ""it"" pig brings forth a tray of goodies, conceals himself under an umbrella, and. . . emerges only when all the others have succumbed to the lure of donuts and punch. Bona fide nonsense, too, because of Dubanevich's snappy cartoon style--bulbous, buck-toothed pink pigs (on spindly legs), sharp turquoise and lemon decor, no realistic detailing. From the start, happily manic.

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 1983
Publisher: Four Winds