RED AUERBACH: Winning the Hard Way by

RED AUERBACH: Winning the Hard Way

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Basketball coach Red Auerbach is widely regarded as the greatest in history and by the time he stepped out of the Boston Celtics' top spot this year, he had reversed more statistics than any other coach. However, the first ten of his twenty seasons found him losing the title clashes the hard way--in the last minute of play. Often enough he ascribes these whims of fate to the astigmatism of the referees, an astigmatism he attributes to his own big mouth in print. More honest than tactful, he never holds back an opinion even though it may injure him professionally. Auerbach's biggest break was when he was hired by Walter Brown, owner at that time of the cellar Celtics, the team which Auerbach welded into a winning combination. Auerbach estimates the abilities of famous players he has coached and ranks Bill Russell over Chamberlain as the greater all-around player: Chamberlain plays for records, Russell for the team.... Auerbach and Sann write in a brash, hectoring voice not designed to win friends but the Celtics will bring in the readers.

Publisher: Little, Brown