ALL GOD'S CHILDREN: A Jew Speaks by Armond Cohn
Kirkus Star


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Every Christian in America, Catholic and Protestant, should read a Jew would profit by it, too. For here a Jew speaks his mind on the -Christian relationships, and he does so frankly but with restraint, and in a broad and liberal spirit. Here is a Jew seeking to explain his Christian neighbor, to tell who he is, what he believes, and why he be All of the familiar cliches which feed anti-semition are drafted in and answered. the Jew ""pushed in everywhere"" Why does he holidays, his peculiar diet? Were the Jews Christ-killers attitude toward Jesus? Are they likely to become Christian? Why Do Jews control international finance? Are the jews responsible why are the Jews so much interested is Are the the medical and legal professions? What do the Jews in America questions are raised and answered in the series of open letters of this book. It is as if a Jewish friend, a kindly and in for ssaries of evening and tried to make clear his of and others interested is inter-cultural relations could well plan a on this book.