FRIEND DOG by Arnold Adoff


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This second-person story, set down in Adoff's usual free-verse prose, has a little girl reminding her dog of how she found the animal in the field with its ear chewed by wild dogs. She and her family built a dog house and pen, and now ""when we are sitting on that fiat/rock//and you look at me and i look/at you/i know we are talking/to each other//i just speak for us both."" Toward the end girl and dog walk in the snow and meet the wild dogs. She chases them off by throwing a stick, then makes two heart-shaped medals ""for/our brave deed and running speed/ and color them/red/for courage. . . dog//you/are my friend/and/i/am your/friend/ dog/we are for/each/other.' But instead of demonstrating the bond Adoff expresses faintly mushy sentiments in ""poetic"" lines that merely thicken the fog.

Pub Date: Oct. 15th, 1981
Publisher: Lippincott