HOTEL FEVER by Arnold Gifford


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The crowd of events of the sixth season at the Atlantic Dunes Hotel motivates a story in which many lives are resolved Everett (Chat) Chatham's managership has been successful for owner Sam Howell and he is dreaming of adding a Florida property for the winter but Howell has found other enthusiasms and is ready to sell the hotel. Wealthy Harold Spears, who has failed at everything he has tried, is the first bidder; big shot racketeer Borel is the second and Howell is ready to close with him when doublecrossed hoods murder him. Chat who has not been filled in on the picture, heads off on a binge when the Spears take over but Mary Spears hunts him down, brings him back and promises him security. There's Ann St. Pierre, driven to drink and suicide; Emily Whitney, who holds on to her faith in Chat; the multitudinous everyday problems of keeping guests happy and spending, and the staff in top working order -- that makes this double entry bookkeeping for the business,- although you mightn't find many who care.

Pub Date: April 18th, 1955
Publisher: Crown