THINK WILD! by Arnold Madison


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Two, four, six, eight, what can we annihilate? That's the college kids' chant at the (Long Island) Labor Day weekend riot where Ted Alford (sixteen) nearly beats up Pete Hansen to cancel previous insults. The same madness is implicit in the Record's Oscar Jenks, a crusading (and anti-Semitic) editor and leader of C.A.L.M. Committee Against Lessening Morality. Ted is confused: do his parents support Jenks? is desirable Sheila Kern right about his immaturity or just a teenage committee woman? what makes friend Jeff stick with reconstruction of The Blue Monster (a $30 Chevy with no registration papers) when Ted is so inconsiderate? is he irresponsible? is pal Gary's Youth Club the answer? When Jenks' meeting to oust the school superintendent crupts into a melec wilder than any Yip-In. Ted's puzzlings begin to crystallize: he hasn't got all the answers but he has some direction and reassurance from family and friends Dad finally verbalizes and Jeff and Gary are still game. Thinking wild means room for mistakes and characters who gesture just beyond suburban stereotypes. Neither slick nor sledgehammer on behavior a fast-paced contemporary scene.

Pub Date: May 20th, 1968
Publisher: Holt, Rinchart & Winston