SMOKING AND YOU by Arnold Madison


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An unobjectional but not very persuasive pitch, starting off with the italicized warning that there are 2,000 invisible ingredients in a cigarette, several of them poisons. After listing a few of the latter, Madison fills in with a history of tobacco smoking from 1492 to its present status as a million-dollar industry. Then there are a few paragraphs on the Surgeon General's report and the only temporary drop in smoking that has followed each printing or edition. There are chapters on what smoking does to the heart and the lungs, with some variously relevant (and variously clear) photos and diagrams of the organs involved, and then a rough categorization of smokers on the basis of why they do it and how hooked they are. As for Madison's advice on smoking and you--don't light up just because your friends do (""Perhaps your friends don't know about the danger of smoking""!) and if faced with the problem of whether or not to start, talk it over with a teacher, doctor, parent or school nurse--or, better still (the only suggestion that shows any promise at all), a smoker. But surely most kids have already heard all this several times over, and Madison doesn't put any special punch into the argument.

Pub Date: April 14th, 1975
Page count: 64pp
Publisher: Messner