MEN IN CRISIS by Arnold Whitridge


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By a former professor at Yale, this is a popularly intended study of the revolutions of 1848 which projected certain patterns, expressed certain concepts of our age. In France, where Louis-Philippe was overthrown, and where Louis Napoleon was elected after the poet Lamartine's failure as a leader, the worker achieved a new status. In Italy, Mazzini formulated a new concept of nationalism which ennobled the individual and which represented nationalism at its best; in Germany Karl Marx uncovered the political power latent in the working classes, fought for the overthrow of the social order; in Austria, there was the revolt against the Hapsburg Monarchy which caused Metternich's flight; and in America, all these repercussions were felt, and with the great migration from Europe, Carl Schurz, the reformer, was the outstanding representative... Even if this parallels many issues of our time, it still won't gravitate too easily towards any audience.

Pub Date: Sept. 26th, 1949
ISBN: 1417995300
Publisher: Scribner