New Heaven New Earth by Arthemise Goertz
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New Heaven New Earth

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More than five years have passed since Give Us Our Dream, and in Doctor Vic Arthemise Goertz has grown immeasureably. She has chosen, perhaps, a more glamorous background for her story, the bayou plantation section near New Orleans, the homes of the sheltered, prosperous Creole aristocrats, living in a world that is no more, denying the impact of the North, of the times of automobiles, of telephones, of modern science as opposed to the voodoo of their servants. But into this setting she has brought a son of these people, whose years of medical service in the Canal Zone battle against yellow fever has brought him knowledge and feeling -- and a conscience- to combat the superstitutions, the traditions, that would imprison him. His acceptance of a planned marriage to a lovely cousin comes into sharp conflict with a passionate love for the outcast Miriam- as his care for the people of the swamps and shanties comes into conflict with the polite profession offered him. A moving and dramatic story, well told.

Pub Date: April 7th, 1953
ISBN: 1166134059
Publisher: McGraw-Hill