SOUTH OF THE BORDER by Arthemise Goertz


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Good fun, in a story of a New Orleans author who writes of her winter--spring visit to Mexico, in the company of her Aunt Jo. They evade tourist resorts and stay with Mexicans; they share experiences at parties, fiestas, a carnival at Vera Cruz (and are jailed for taking pictures). They acquire a dog, have their troubles with food and language. Both have romances -- and aunty gets her man. They travel by local conveyances; they visit the high spots; they climb mountains; they see factories; they meet hordes of people. Told in minute detail, replete with the feel of the country, this is a very personal picture of awkward situations, moments of enjoyment, enthusiastic descriptions. Good fun. Not a straight travel book.

Pub Date: Nov. 6th, 1940
Publisher: Macmillan