GIVE US OUR DREAM by Arthemise Goortz
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An endearing sort of book, leisurely, cumulative in its effects, a sort of American Dulcimer Street. One becomes intensely part of the little dramas of little people:- Sig, who was always going to make his fortune on his tips on the horses; Mr. Cernak, who was a Socialist, an aggressive one, and whose life was twisted by the problem of his sister, a dipsomaniac, half-crazed by her frustrated ambitions to be an opera star; Mr. Ingalls, a bachelor, whose late hours seemed at odds with his drab life clerking at the A & P, and whose imagination played around the romantic remoteness of the frigid Miss Larsch; Jean, desolate in her young widowhood; the Villars who weren't really married, and Coral, who was a lure to Burt Villar; Jocy, cripped by infantile, and dominated by her sister, Edna- Jocy into whose dream world Mrs. Marsan brought romance and adventure and life; and Mrs. Marsan herself, to whom insomnia was a boon for the midnight happenings she watched from her window at the tavern and gas station opposite -- and whose own drab life was never dull for the drama which she herself created in those about her. Good story telling and a warm sense of people.

Pub Date: June 23rd, 1947
Publisher: Whittlesey