THE JUNGLE SEAS by Arthur A. Ageton


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Action, romance and salvation in the South Pacific are all part of Lt. Jerry Doyle's life as the U.S.S. Hale and later the Willie carry him from port, to battle stations and convoy. Not at ease over his passing affair with the Admiral's daughter, confused between married life in the Navy or being married to the Navy as a career, he cannot be wholly a part of the destroyer world until, in Noumea, he finds the promise of an answer in Eugenia Beaucoeur and awakes to the need for integration through a Catholic priest. Disaster at sea and hard won survival on an island in New Georgia bring him back to Jeanie whose care and love pull him through safely in mind as well as body. His reward is a ship of his own and aboard the Willie as Lieutenant Commander and with some of the men from the Hale he is able to create a sharp outfit which proves its worth when the chance is offered. He is hospitalized for an operation and sudden orders for Noumea send him back to Jeanie and the knowledge that his decisions are the right ones. Here again is the whole complement of Naval warfare in the Pacific, the officers and men, the reservists and the professionals, the courage and the bravery --and the fear, whose tense moments contrast with the shore leaves and the problems that lie in wait there. A seriously pondered book in which the matter overshadows the manner.

Pub Date: Feb. 8th, 1953
Publisher: Random House