THE HIDDEN YOU by Arthur Alexander


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The author has chosen freely from the whole gamut of clinical and experimental data to pinpoint some of the most vital aspects of psychology is terms familiar to this age group. The child's own experiences and reactions form the basic of his explanations on the factors influencing emotional display, the formation of personality and various sensory reactions. How the brain operates as a relay station, how the body records changes in the unconscious and how Pavlov's experiment can elucidate the origin of fear these are some of the subjects covered. There is a word or two also on psychological measurement- and such psychological tricks as hallucinations. Though this book is fascinating in its uniqueness it poses a problem in some of its terminology. One may wonder if such concepts as ""gremlins"" and invisible part"" can be correctly understood by such young children.

Pub Date: April 16th, 1962
Publisher: Prentice-Hall