GALLEYS EAST by Arthur Anthony Gladd


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Set in the year 1571, this adventure tale is centered around a sea battle between the Greeks and the Turks. Young Dion and his Uncle Georgios are sponge divers. Although Dion does not trust Stezzi, a ship owner, he takes up his invitation to dive for some pirate jewels and divide the treasure. Once the jewels are hauled aboard, Stezzi does betray Dion and Georgios and is about to shoot them, when a Turkish enemy ship appears and captures the group. Because of Stezzi's cowardice they are all thown into prison as galley slaves. One enormous compensation is in store for Dion. His father whom he believed dead is also a galley slave and performs the back-breaking job of rowing alongside him. Dion's agility as a swimmer makes possible his escape and during the ensuing battle between the Greeks and the Turks, his friends and his father are rescued. Cervantes the poet makes his appearance here too on the side of the Greeks. The era and areas are well researched and there are some spine chilling moments, but too many contrived elements destroy its truly authentic appeal.

Pub Date: Feb. 6th, 1960
Publisher: Dodd, Mead