BLACK GOLD: The Story of an Oil Pioneer by Arthur Beeby-Thompson

BLACK GOLD: The Story of an Oil Pioneer

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England's ""Grand Old Man of Oil"" tells his story of 60 years as a consulting petroleum engineer. As history, it may have interest to some people. His travels in many lands---the Gold Coast, Baku, Barbados, Roumania, the U.S., Mexico, etc.---do provide a certain picturesque view of those countries in former years. His story of the development of oil drilling too has a certain historical value. Unfortunately his style is turgid, his thinking that of a kind of conservative one rarely finds in print any more. Taken for that aspect, however, his story does offer a certain perspective on the conservative mind---one which may only amuse some, but will enlighten others about a generation which will soon vanish from this world.

Pub Date: July 14th, 1961
Publisher: Doubleday