MAN-EATER by Arthur Catherall


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This has the elemental storytelling energy of its situation --unarmed boy against beast. It has dramatic unity as well. The action takes place during 48 hours in a village on the India-Pakistan border. Bachi Lal, a teenage boy must prove that she does not change himself into a man-eating leopard which has prowled the district for two years. Ram Das, the landlord/moneylender had suggested to the superstitious and hysterical villagers that Bachi was a devil. Young courage triumphs over unreason and a villain gets the tables turned in a story through which the leopard stalks, springs and preys. Too active for adult tastes, this is old fashioned yarn spinning that boys will enjoy -- unless they resent the fact that nobody in the story actually gets et up.

Pub Date: June 17th, 1964
Publisher: Criterion