DANGEROUS CARGO by Arthur Catherall
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An equally gripping sequel to Sea Wolves, Dangerous Cargo tells a tale of courageous struggle. After having successfully extinguished the fire aboard the Sulu Prince in the Java Sea, Jack Frodsham and Captain Hudson of a neighboring tugboat promise Captain China Brown that they will prevent his beloved ship from sinking. Unbeknown to anyone but the owner and crews of two rival ships, the Sulu Prince is transporting a cargo of arms and ammunition to aid an Indonesian rebel uprising. The rebel leader, fearing that this cargo may fall into the hands of the Indonesian authorities, makes a bargain with the disreputable rival ship owner to insure the sinking of the Sulu Prince. Both sides now having vowed a contrary fate for the ship, enter a fervent struggle involving the explosion of mines, underwater diving, clever spying and exciting skirmishes. The inanimate Sulu Prince is apparently itself on the side of good, because despite impossible odds, it refuses to sink. A victorious ending in which the villains are apprehended, the dangerous cargo is eliminated, and Jack's cleverness wins China Brown a fortune for his ship, all climax a tingling adventure story for boys ranging from 13 to 15.

Pub Date: Jan. 16th, 1961
Publisher: Roy