THE ARCTIC SEALER by Arthur Catherall


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After a freak accident destroyed their Norwegian farm, young Jon and his uncles, Nils and Villy, determined that the quickest way to recoup their losses was via a sealing expedition to the North. Brushing aside his mother's misgivings, Jon embarks with his useles and Erik, a villager, in a little vessel called Start Again. Mishap follows mishap: Erik becomes separated and lost. In a storm, food supplies grow low, weather conditions worsen. Jon, searching for Erik across the ice, finds instead forty survivors of a transpolar passenger plane; and the problem of their rescue devolves upon the tiny sealer's crew. At the expense of their prize catch of sealskins, the three Norwegians effect the rescue, are ultimately rewarded beyond their wildest dreams. A well-paced adventure, enhanced by Catherall's fine descriptions of the Aretic's glittering icelands.

Pub Date: Sept. 22nd, 1961
Publisher: Criterion