MEN WHO RUN AMERICA by Arthur D. Howden Smith


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A rather interesting -- and somewhat surprising -- group. Chiefly industrialists, with a scattering of bankers. A few familiar names:- Morgan, du Pont, Mellon, Bookefeller, Astor; many that are known in their special fields, but not in common parlance, such as Earl D. Habst (American Sugar Refining Company); Myron C. Taylor (of U. S. Steel); Frederick H. Prince (of railroad fame); David Sarnoff (wizard of radio); Floyd Odlum (investment banker) and so on. Thirty ""case histories"" to prove that some of the generalizations have no ground, that inherited wealth has a growing power, that figures as to wealth distribution don't mean what they seem to mean, that combination is unavoidable, that corrective taxation of the discriminatory type and government operation of power plants are the needed brakes, that the vices and defects of capitalism are overshadowed by the accomplished good. In the last analysis, the bogey of Capitalism is considerably whitewashed! Interesting personality material, much of it difficult of access elsewhere, should make this of some lasting value.

Pub Date: May 20th, 1936
Publisher: Bobbs-Merrill