ARLESS WORLD by Arthur-Ed_ Larson


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All right; suppose we do somehow get it--then what? This is precisely the subject which a dozen distinguished minds have chosen to develop here, each from his own particular angle and in his own direction. The result is thirteen fascinating essays, with Arnold Toynbee's on ""Change in a Disarmed World"", Senator Hubert Humphrey's on ""The Economic Opportunities Following Disarmament"", Grenville Clark's on ""Disarmament and the Population Problem"", and Margaret Mead's on ""The Psychology of Warless Man"", especially outstanding. These pieces originally appeared in a series begun in May, 1962 in the Saturday Review; and while they all share a hearteningly determined optimism, they vary widely in estimates of specific problems and their solutions. The same cannot be said for the appendix, which consists of a lengthy symposium on the same subject by Soviet economic and political experts and which first appeared in the July, 1962 English-language edition of International Affairs; but it is at least equally fascinating. Altogether this volume is an excellent one, particularly of interest just now, with the first rays of probability beginning to shine on this certainly most crucial issue of our age.

Pub Date: Oct. 22nd, 1963
Publisher: McGraw-Hill