CITY LAWYER by Arthur Garfield Hays
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At last -- a return to the city! Titularly and forensically, this is the extreme opposite of Country Lawyer, in an autobiography of a career of one of the country's leading lawyers. A career which numbers big names, progressive causes, and -- incidentally -- substantial financial returns. The story has the attributes of the man, alert, active, ambitious. He started out with two other young aspirants in New York; he made his way up the ladder, basing his practice on the credo that any individual, regardless of his political or personal stand, was entitled to defend his rights. This proved quite a sore spot when his two partners were involved during World War I with the German Embassy, only to be victimized. Hays' career included practice in theatre, high finance, marriage and divorce, a leading part in the Civil Liberties Union, progressive politics, etc. Perhaps his two most spectacular cases were the fifty million dollar Wendel will and the Retchatag Fire trial. Good reading --with real possibilities for a wide sale, given the lively backing of S & S.

Pub Date: July 7th, 1942
Publisher: Simon & Schuster