FRESH WATER FISHING by Arthur H. Carhart


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The Sportsman's Library includes many useful and beautiful books, and this is an excellent addition (speaking as an amateur in the sport). Eighteen colored plates show lures and spoons and spinners and so on, while line drawings supply factual data, and diagram the hows of procedure and techniques. The text is full and practical, supplying much of the why of methods, kinds of fish, equipment and tackle, the ABC's of bait casting, fly casting, spinning, lure and bait, auxiliary equipment. And he closes with the sound principles of conservation which every angler should know...Here's an excellent book for boys (and girls?) -- which might be suggested instead of the disappointing Boys' Complete Book of Fresh and Salt Water Fishing, by Rodman and Janes (see report P. 254) -- at least in so far as fresh water fishing is concerned.

Publisher: Barnes