THE NOBLE STALLION by Arthur-Heinz Lehmann


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A book of some charm about a man, his horse and his woman and how they all found one another to love. A bedtime tale serves to delineate the relationships of Unholy George, The Majestic One, and the Hungarian Marika and show why George and Marika are mad about each other and horses. Along with the history of the trio there are sallies in the village where a horseloving priest patiently tries to steer his loving but unwed parishioners into matrimony, while they serve as sculptor and models for a church statue of St. George. An unusual piece, very popular abroad (2 million copies sold), this may reach the not-so-young, but the fact that the author rides his writing rein with a heavy hand may deter those who would accept it otherwise. Teutonic stolidity rather than the Latin grace of a Don Camillo.

Pub Date: Feb. 24th, 1955
Publisher: Henry Holt