DEMON IN MY VIEW by Arthur Henley


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Adelio Giuseppe Ambruano Pasquale Antonion Montanari, a former football player with a degree in education, has run for many years a clinic in Florida for the ""kids nobody wants"" with whom he has a 70% success statistic. They're the severely disturbed and he believes that ""Such children must be loved before they are understood, and must be taught to live before they are taught to learn."" He also is able to operate on the same frequency with them and he handles them in an acceptant, inventive, intuitive fashion. A large part of the profile here tells about some of his youngsters: Charlie, the well-mannered sociopath; Timmy who ripped up his clothes; Laurie who walked, growled and howled like a dog. It's also the story of his clinic which ran up against community pressures (a zoning restriction--overruled) but the man and his work has won wide admiration--the Menninger Clinic for example.... The referral here is safe primarily for the general reader-- say of Theodore Rubin's casebook-notebooks.

Pub Date: Sept. 7th, 1966
Publisher: Trident