THE SWARM by Arthur Herzog


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More science than fiction, more Michael Crichton than John Wyndham (i.e., those triffids) this is one of those it-could-happen-here-anytime disasters when incidents and fatalities, caused by African bees, occur from Maryland, N.Y. to Yolo, Calif. Apparently the African bees are a mutated version of increasing size and toxicity but many are reluctant -- particularly an environmental biologist Wood and a public health epidemiologist Mafia -- to upset the ecological balance by eliminating the honey bee, whether alien or domestic, together. Bees whir down chimneys and in swimming pools and a whole laboratory plus computers attempt to deal with the insect invasion with an advanced genetic experiment which will ultimately promote their self-destruct. Herzog certainly seems to know his beesness (there are full and fascinating descriptions of the odd lifestyle of the species) and it all buzzzzzzzes with speculation and, in spots, hums with horror.

Pub Date: March 25th, 1974
ISBN: 0595253415
Publisher: Simon & Schuster