THE LOVE ELITE by Arthur Hirsch


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Posing as social commentary, this dubious probe into the ways of the economically independent woman for whom new freedom abounds appears more like an invitation to license than an investigation of a social phenomenon. Numerous intimate letters from the bulk of the book, opening the bedroom door, or hopefully doing so, on various arrangements. Such chapter heads as ""Love and Sex on the Campus"", ""The Unmarried Woman"", ""The New Trial Marriage"", The Lightning Courtship"", ""Extreme Behavior"", ""Promiscuity and Guilt"", ""Paper Courtships and Unrestrained Admissions"", ""Re-evaluation of Virginity"", ""Re-evaluation of Marital Fidelity"", ""Women Who Support Men"" offer an approach to desire as often pleading as appeased, to assignations and rapprochements, to ways of love of all sorts. Beyond the voice of the turtle, nothing much else is heard.

Publisher: Julian Press