FIGHT ON! FEAR NOT! by Arthur James Moore


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For thirty years the Method Church enjoyed a rare combination of able administrator and popular preacher in Bishop Arthur James Moore. Now he has been persuaded to put ten sermons into print. Several come from preaching missions which he conducted, and set forth a call to righteousness which cannot be missed. The reader soon understands why overflow of people were so often turned away when Bishop Moore preached. The most moving sermon is the last, ""Finally, brethren"". In this homily, preached before his jurisdiction on the occasion of his retirement, he summarizes his faith and convictions, and he closes the curtain on his episcopal career in a word that speaks of Christian Victory. This is a great message for any Christian whose faith is wavering, and many a believer, -- be he backslider or board member -- could profit from this message. How helpfully these sermons could be given to a faltering novice! In fact, any Christian with a high school background will find inspiration here.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1962
Publisher: Abingdon Press