THE IVORY MISCHIEF by Arthur Jr. Meeker


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Our report of September 15th queried ""Why of why is this being published?"" The publishers replied: ""So that the Book-of-the-Month Club could select it for January, and we could have the pleasure of ordering paper for 200,000 copies.""...Such is life! Careful reappraisal of our impressions confirms what we reported on page 447. We think you'd better have a look at it yourselves, with these contradictions in mind. ""No doubt it is a faithful and detailed record of 17th century France, and the story and characterizations simply wallow in the minutiae of facts, for what the author seems to have done is to inject a mild dose of fiction into a thoroughly documented historical record of the Grand Siecle, simply to supply motivation for the recorded characters and action. In the main, the story follows the fortunes of two sisters, Magdalen and ""Cateau"" de la Louppe, who are taken to Paris, married off successfully, and proceed through a series of post-marital affairs as they weave their intricate way through a maze of court intrigue."" Check your customer list for readers who like this genre -- and stock it for those who follow the lead of the book club selections.

Pub Date: Jan. 2nd, 1941
Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin