COUNTERFEIT by Arthur Kallet
Kirkus Star


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Another chance at the so-far-inexhaustible mine of curiosity about our own credulity, demonstrated so far by the phenomenal success of such books as 100,00,000 G Figs (same author as Counterfeit), and Skin Deep. This time the emphasis is on quality rather than danger. The sub-title reads ""Bad Goods for Your Good Money"" and the author proceeds to analyze the various and sundry methods by which big business gets around accuracy and conveys false impressions deliberately. Textiles, drugs, beauty products, foods, fuel, all come in for his microscope, and he shows how the wheels go round in falsified advertising, skimping, guarantees that mean nothing, scientific backing that is neither authentic backing nor authentically scientific, and so on. Fascinating reading, even though much of it has been said before. And constructive in the suggestions as to the acid tests to make on the part of the consumer. Illustrated with photographs and charts which demonstrate the points. A good chance for big sales.

Pub Date: May 27th, 1935
Publisher: Vanguard