OTEL DE LA LIBERTE by Arthur Kaplan


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Hotel de la Liberte, 135 (sahnt trahnt sank) Blvd. du Montparnasse, Paris"" is run by a Polish refugee for various of the disenchanted and disinherited of the earth. It is also a kind of youth hostel for a number of Americans who are making a very good thing of the G.I. Bill of Rights during the late '40's. One by one, they appear here in a series of incidents: Acey Tevis, who is enrolled in an obscure GI approved language school but whose real curricular focus is girls- all girls; Moses Potvin, a genius with an idea of geometric progressions he applies to the Smith College junior year abroad in a nearby residence; Dominick Fitzpatrick, a lavish freeloader; Norman Bell and Haywood Preston who become flea market operators; Scottie, a Howling bad poet; Gene, a Negro, who falls in love with a French girl to meet the disapproval of her parents, not his color but his paintings; etc. etc. It all provides a kind of beatnik-slapstick farce (raw as a biftek in spots) and is episodically entertaining, cumulatively exhausting.

Publisher: Dutton