SEVEN SINNERS by Arthur King


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The term ""ala"" is used here to denote behavior which alienates men and women from life, and psychologist Arthur King's seven sinners are chosen from some thirty people who participated in his ""Program"" -- alcoholics all, although alcoholism while an immediate problem was in several cases only incidental. These thirty participants were screened (no serious psychotics) and had already failed to find help through psychiatry or A.A., and Elng's technique, while using principles of both, is a broader-based therapy which commits the patient to 20 hours a week over month period, and to nine areas of activity- among them reading, physical training, socialization, and especially religion. These are integrated case histories, extensively documented in their own words and his, of six men and one women from all walks of life and with a variety of crippling problems (a with a sullen ambition to form a Murder, Inc. a part white, part Negro ""a one man race riot against himself""; an actor; a child psychologist; a successful lawyer-politicians, etc., etc.). All through this ""Educative Counseling"" found ""sobriety, and salvation"" and suggests a new approach to behavioral disturbance in which psychotherapy, which isolates, is implemented and widened to include intellectual endeavor and an active spiritual belief. It is a challenging demonstration.

Publisher: Harcourt, Brace & World