WHEN NATIONS DISAGREE; A Handbook on Peace Through Law by Arthur Larson

WHEN NATIONS DISAGREE; A Handbook on Peace Through Law

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A dual market here for layman and for lawyers. Usually books dealing with international law or world law are technical in style and burdened with citations and references, footnotes and bibliography that interfere with the point the author is attempting to make. Not so in this case. The book is remarkable for the manner in which the author analyzes the nature of World Law, then follows step by step the instruments required to apply the law and make it acceptable to a world that has different systems of law. The Connally amendment which is given considerable space is presented and argued out in this book far better than in any book or pamphlet that has come to this reader's attention. An excellent text book for anyone interested in the task of establishing Peace through World Law, highly recommended as a readable text on a serious problem.

Pub Date: Oct. 8th, 1961
Publisher: Louisiana State University Press