TOMORROW'S A HOLIDAY by Arthur Loveridge


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An unassuming (often impersonal), leisurely transcription of a safari, as the Curator of Harvard's Museum of Comparative Zoology spent eight months wandering in the Tanganyika Territory collecting many, and many unfamiliar specimens. Here are his successful searches for bats, galagos, flying squirrels, buffalo and man-eating crocodiles, hawk moths and hawk eagles, sea cows and chameleons, lizards and scorpion, bat- eared foxes and aquatic cobras, python and geckos. This is the pursuit of a profession often dangerous, though the dangers are underplayed, in an account which if modest- is also somewhat milder than his last- Many Happy Days I've Squandered. For the Sanderson market, if not as distinguished.

Pub Date: May 21st, 1947
Publisher: Harper