LA GUARDIA COMES TO POWER: 1933 by Arthur Mann


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This account of Fiorello La Guardia's rise to the mayoralty of New York in 1933 is filled not only with important statistics and political analyses, but also with descriptions of the blatantly vivid figures of that period, Mayor ""Jimmy"" Walker, Judge Samuel Seabury, the lion whose roar blasted open the gates of Tammany Hall, and Mayor O'Brien, whose malapropisms sound like something out of a story by Damon Runyan. It is a lively, engaging, and thoroughly researched study, and the statistical comparison between election district returns and census maps made by the author in order to indicate the ethnic factors that influenced La Guardia's election is an important one. This account of the remarkable machinery that operated in La Guardia's anti-machine fight on the Fusion ticket also provides some important insights into the nature of the political process, and its publication at the time of another Fusion fight for the New York mayoralty should mark it as a book of considerable interest within the area.

Pub Date: Sept. 24th, 1965
Publisher: Lippincott